Come and enjoy the romance inside my head. Below are a few series that I am working on. Books with a “coming soon cover” are soon to be released, so you won’t have to wait long. I hope you fall in love with all the characters as much as I have.
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Taladova is a beautiful country completely in my head.

Going Home this Christmas

Skyler has been avoiding her past for a decade.
Now on assignment for JessInk, an up-and-coming event planning company in London’s Docklands, Skyler is going home. Travel with Skyler to Taladova, a small country known for their amazing Christmas markets. Meet the people that call it home and the children’s story that will cause tempers to fray. Taladova’s Queen, Dianna, needs a Royal Christmas Ball and only Skyler’s designs will do. Skyler will need to overcome her heartache from the loss of her parents, going back to the place of their accident, and also having to deal with the anger seething under the surface at the family who abandoned her so many years ago. What will Skyler discover about her past? Will she find love in the one place she thought she would never set foot in again? Can she keep her cool dealing with the Royal Family amongst other people? Can Skyler confront her past in time to stand up for everything she loves . . .


Welcome to my ‘Princely’ series of books. All the countries in this series are completely a work of fiction as are references to any current Princes from around the world. Who hasn’t dreamt of one day being swept off their feet by a handsome Prince? Well, I hope you enjoy this series of books with Princes in them.

Night Out


Similar to the Princely series this series features some kind of celebrity. Again the characters in this are all a world of fiction and any like to people with the same name is completely coincidental. Unfortunately, I don’t know any Celebrities. Yet!

Stunt Woman


Diplomatic Relations

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